DeLille Oxygen's Secret to Growing Without Error.

Prevent Loss of Money and Embarassment

 “Anytime  empty and full tanks get mixed up for a customer, it is a huge embarrassment. The worst part is looking bad in front  of the customer; the second big concern is the expense of having to replace the empty cylinder. After the cost of a driver’s time, plus fuel and operator expenses, the company takes a large loss.” 

-Josh Weinman, Delille Oxygen

Easy Quality Control Tool

“At Delille, we have a 7-step quality control process, the final step of which is to shrink wrap each and every cylinder valve. Shrink wrap signals to our drivers that the tank is full and ready to be delivered. We have been using shrink wrap from Ratermann for about 10 years and as simple as it is, it works.” -Josh Weinman, Delille Oxygen

"At first we had our generic logo on the shrink wrap, now we include our phone number.  Our customers rely heavily on  our shrink wrap, so it makes sense to include our contact information. Now, when they peel off the shrink wrap and are in need of more gas, they know who to call because our phone number is right there in front of their face." -Josh Weinman, Delille Oxygen

 Have Your Customers Rely On You

 Great Marketing Tool

Helpful Tool For Your Customers

Bring benefit to your customers

“For our customers, shrink wrapping the cylinder valves  makes it easier on them to distinguish a full tank from an empty tank... they may have on hand just as many cylinders as we do. If a customer mixes up a cylinder at their lab or construction site, they to are at a loss of expense. We have found that they now rely on shrink wrap more than anything else to help with their own quality control.”  -Josh Weinman, Delille Oxygen

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